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AutoRice™ Controller

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The Ultimate Control for Your Rice Test

Controls and monitors Rice test (AASHTO T209 & ASTM 2041) 
Automates saturation process for AASHTO T283 (Moisture damage)

InstroTek’s NEW AutoRice is an automatic control unit allowing laboratory technicians to conduct Maximum Specific Gravity tests with the press of a button. Designed to accurately control and monitor the  vacuum pressure, vacuum time and shaker vibration frequency, AutoRice ensures more consistent inter-laboratory repeatability and accuracy. The AutoRice will start the vacuum pump, regulate the vacuum pressure, precisely control the vacuum time and monitor the shaker frequency. Currently, the AutoRice acceleration monitor and shaker frequency is a parameter that is not monitored during the test. Data from the Rice test can be downloaded via the USB port, where results can be reviewed to assure accuracy and adherence to test specifications. The unique, compact design allows AutoRice to fit on the benchtop or mount to a wall and works with glass flasks and metal container setups.

Automate and increase the repeatability and accuracy of your tests with the NEW InstroTek AutoRice controller.


  • Controls and monitors Rice test (AASHTO T209 & ASTM 2041) vacuum pressure and vacuum time
  • Reduces operator errors by automating test parameters; improving accuracy and repeatability
  • Measures shaking frequency and acceleration to prevent stripping damage to the sample
  • Automates saturation process for AASHTO T283 (moisture damage)
  • Provides capability to enter weights and calculate max specific gravity results
  • Replaces digital vacuum gauge used in Rice setup
  • Stores test records (vacuum pressure, vacuum time, frequency and acceleration)
  • Test data can be shared and emailed for review
  • Easy setup with menu driven software

Output Files

The AutoRice can output test data to an USB.

Output file in Excel and in standard CSV format.